"Tara, my birth doula, is among the most positive, thoughtful, resourceful, and kind people I know and I was beyond fortunate to have her support me during the delivery of my son.

She helped from the get-go. When we visited the hospital during a tour and saw the closet-sized birthing room, I told Tara that I was nervous about crowding during the birth. She appraised the situation and suggested a few simple changes that would make the space roomier. I wasn’t even in a vulnerable birthing state yet, and Tara was helping me feel good about the whole experience to come and about the resourcefulness and attentiveness of my team.

Once I was in that intense birthing state, I was absolutely dependent on Tara. I am usually so practical and level-headed, but after giving birth I was moved to see the whole experience in mythological terms. And so, Tara became a goddess to me.

Tara was tirelessly by my side, alert to my needs, feeding me endless ice chips, guiding me, understanding my very pressing needs in that 36-hour moment. I would have felt alone without her and she seemed never to have left my side. I felt completely, unreservedly, supported by her.

And when medical interventions were suggested by people who were not my midwife, Tara gently and tactfully advocated for me to the extent that she could. Later, my husband told me how much of a relief it was for him to have Tara there. She took a lot of the pressure of the event off of him and allowed him room for some self-care even as he was trying to be there for me. Tara quickly got a read on social dynamics and determined how she could be most helpful within any given situation.

Finally, after birth, it was wonderful to debrief with Tara, the person who was most in-tune with me throughout the delivery. Tara is down-to-earth, kind, and she did not miss an opportunity to make the birthing experience as positive and joyful as possible." -Jordana J.

"I wasn’t dead-set on having a doula when I became pregnant. But after our experience with Tara, the first thing I tell my pregnant friends is to make sure they get one. We couldn’t have done it without her.

Asking a person you just met to be by your side at one of the most life-changing, physically demanding and intimate moments of your life seems a little strange. But, I felt at home with Tara, like I had known her forever, from day one. Tara balances strength and self-assurance alongside her maternal instincts and gentleness, which struck the perfect chord, providing an invaluable presence during my daughter’s birth.

 During labor, Tara gracefully navigated my needs. I really felt calmed and supported with her by my side.  When we needed guidance and help, Tara lent a reassuring hand, turning this unknown experience into something that seemed doable. When my husband and I needed personal time, she magically faded into the background without us needing to say a word. Even though I was doing the physical work that day, my husband needed support too. Her attention and care for him was vital, giving me one less thing to be concerned about. (Many hours into the labor I looked over at him taking a much needed nap, covered with Tara’s scarf)  I felt taken care of; my husband felt taken care of. She really gave us comfort at a time that could have been disorienting as first time parents.

I’m still mystified how beyond everything else, she took such beautiful pictures of the birth. Even though Tara and my husband were holding my legs during labor, she somehow still managed to take a picture of the clock the exact time my daughter was born. She captured all the important moments, like a professional documentarian. I really cherish these amazing images. 

Who you choose to be part of your team at such a pivotal moment in life is important. I honestly couldn’t recommend Tara more. Even though she has moved across the country, we still keep in touch. Now I’m watching her own beautiful and very lucky baby grow. I feel an inexplicable bond with her and she will always be such a special person to our family. 

If I have another baby, I would unquestionably have her by my side again." -Kate W.

"As a first time father I had so many uncertanties surrounding the birth of our daughter.  When we met Tara many of those fears that surround the complexity of birth were put to rest. Tara is extremely knowledable and her experience as a mother and as a doula became very reassuring for us.  

She walked us through the process every step of the way.  She was patient, gentle and understanding.  Tara was always looking to understand our needs and helped us shape our experience.  Together we created a birthing plan that helped us make sense of what was important.  When we visited the hospital for a tour, Tara joined us and was able to ask questions of the maternity ward staff that we wouldn't have thought of ourselves.

Becuase we didn't have family near us to assist in the experience, Tara became our surrogate mom.  We delivered a beautiful healthy baby girl on January 24, 2016.

I would highly recommend Tara as your doula.  Her calm nature and familiarity around the hospital environment will make your experience much fuller.

P.S. Tara is also an amazing photographer, she photographed our birth (even though we didn't think we wanted it).  The pictures are pricless." - Domenic P.

"Tara is amazing!! She has a very calm demeanor that makes everyone feel comfortable. She knows many different positions to help with labor. Tara also brings scented oils to help soothe laboring moms. She helped my husband support me during labor, as well, which was awesome. Finally, Tara is quite skilled at interacting with hospital staff in a way that ensures that the mom's desires are respected but that isn't at all overbearing. Truly, I can't say enough positive things about Tara. If you are thinking about getting a doula, she's the one!!" - Katy B.

"Tara is an amazing doula and I feel blessed that I was able to make such a vital connection for the birth of my baby girl. From the moment I met Tara, she was warm, kind, understanding, and genuine. Tara took the time to get to know me and was sincere in the relationship that she wanted to build with me and my partner. I felt comfortable and understood by Tara and I believe that this is what made my birthing experience truly exceptional. Tara made every effort to advocate for me in the hospital while I was in labor and stood by my side every step of the way. Tara helped me through a very difficult labor, one that took unexpected turns and at times was very scary for me and my partner. Every step of the way Tara was there to comfort me, to tell me that I was doing great, to calm me down when my unexpected fever arose, and to support me and hold my hand when I thought I couldn't push any further. Tara helped me stay calm when my baby's heart rate was fluctuating and asked the nurses and doctors numerous questions when I wasn't able to, due to the condition I was in during my labor. Tara stayed with me for hours on end, and even when it was decided that I had to have an emergency c-section, Tara stood by my side, never leaving the hospital, even though she was not allowed in the c-section surgery room. After almost 16 hours of laboring and over two hours post c-section, Tara was there to greet me and to let me know that I had done my best and that she was proud of me. Tara, my partner, and I all had tears in our eyes in that moment, and I knew then that Tara and my new little family had connected in a way that could never be forgotten. Tara is an amazing woman and anyone would be lucky to work with her and have her as a doula for their birth. Tara is a woman that I will never forget. Her heart is full of kindness, love, and light, and she is someone you can trust to have by your side for your birthing experience." - Vanessa J.

"Tara Howard was our doula for the birth of our first baby in September 2016. My husband and I met with a few doulas, but when we met Tara for the first time we knew we had found our match. Tara’s presence is soothing and reassuring. She helped both my husband and I feel fully supported during an experience that was completely new and already overwhelming to us. Tara listened to what we wanted and helped empower us to implement it. We feel so lucky to have met Tara and can’t imagine going through this experience without her! We highly recommend Tara to anyone considering a birth doula." - Leah B.